• Meditation and Mindfulness Retreat, August 2018

  • A wonderful Meditation and Mindfulness Retreat in a beautiful environment at Healesville


    Gardens at Maitripa

    This Meditation Retreat gives you the chance to interact with people who practice meditation and/or mindfulness, from varied backgrounds, traditional and modern.. It is open to long-term meditators and people who are thinking about starting; to teachers, – mingle with other teachers if you are already one – and to anyone who might consider one day becoming a meditation teacher.

    August 24-26 2018 at Maitripa Centre Healesville

    I just want to hang out in a meditative environment


    • Never meditated before? Not sure how to meditate? Perfect, in this meditation retreat you will find out what it is about and what practice is.
    • Not sure what sort of meditation this retreat will do? All sorts. This meditation retreat is t he perfect way to figure out one style from another
    • I don’t want any spirituality? Fine, there is an abundance of nature to contemplate instead.
    • I want spirituality? Fine, Maitripa itself is a

      Swami Shantananda

      Buddhist centre, and the convenor of this retreat, Swami Shantananda, is a sannyasin from the Yogic tradition. A perfect time to meditate from the ancient perspective.

    • Want mindfulness rather than meditation? Mindfulness is meditation while active. We can eat mindfully, walk mindfully. and we can practice mindfulness as a form of meditation, starting with deep non-critical sensory awareness.

    I’m a meditation teacher, what’s in this meditation retreat for me?

    Three things in particular:

    1. Expand your focus: Most of us become teachers through a specific route, whether that is Yoga, Buddhism, Mindfulness, Stress Management, Meditation as a Complementary Health adjunct, or some other route. And, sadly, most tend to feel dismissive of all the others. This is an opportunity for us to mingle, share without any attempt to dominate, and to understand the perspective that other teachers are coming from.
    2. Mingle with learners and ordinary meditators – as an equal, rather than as someone looking for attention
    3. Attend workshops specifically on teaching, for teachers


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    Who’s Coming

    Retreat Schedule(Subject to minor changes)