• Stillness Meditation Retreat




    Stillness Meditation Retreat in a beautiful environment at Healesville


    Gardens at Maitripa

    Experience the quiet of stllness meditation in the peaceful surrounds of Healesville.  

    January 18-20 at Maitripa Centre Healesville

    I just want to hang out in a meditative environment


    • Never meditated before?  Not sure how to meditate? You will get help to find stillness
    • Not sure what sort of meditation this retreat will do? Stillness of mind at the deep level means not thinking.  Another way of being still is to notice thinking but not to engage in it
    • That brings you to an awakening of sorts… what is “me” if I am not thinking?


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      I’m a meditation teacher – what’s in it for me?

    Expand your focus: 

    Go deeper.  What sort of meditation do  you teach?  

    Mingle with learners and ordinary meditators –

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    Who’s Coming

    Retreat Schedule(Subject to minor changes)