• Average attendee – who’s coming to the Meditation Retreat?

  • What might an average attendee at the retreat be like?

    An average attendee might

    • Be someone who wants to try out meditation
    • Practise or teach still-mind meditation,or stress reduction mindfulness, or insight meditation, or use an app
    • Practise or teach any form of meditation or mindfulness
    • Be trained as a teacher in an any meditation or mindfulness background
    • Experience or teach meditation at the end of a yoga class
    • Want to see what is available in terms of training
    • Want to mix with other meditators and teachers to share experience and insights
    • Might be a meditation teacher who wants to learn more about approaches to practice and teaching

    An average attendee might also

    • Like wholesome fresh food
    • Enjoy interesting vegetarian food (or sneak off to Healesville if you must have a steak)
    • Have dietary requirements and let us know. Vegan fine and gluten free fine, prefer medical certificate if special diet required

    Above all, an average attendee might be enthusiastic about meditation and mindfulness, and the energy that meditation in Australia seems to have at present – and have an open mind as to what can be offered by various streams of meditation, ancient and modern.