• Typical program at the Retreat

  • A typical program at theĀ August retreat

    The program of the retreat will include opportunities for still-mind meditation, mindfulness practice, experience of different approaches. Examples arere

    • Dawn and Dusk meditation
    • Experiential meditation – led by various proponents (offer to lead one of these, if you are interested)
    • Forum /Workshop
    • Mindfulness activity – mindful walk, sensory awareneness

      Mindful – Not hurrying , just experiencing

    • Meditation and the brain (Try reading this, about meditation and the brain)
    • meditation and sense of self
    • Meditation for a stronger self or no-mind, no-self?
    • Origins of mindfulness in meditation traditions

    Typical program at the August retreat – per day



    • Settle in any time after 3.00 pm.
    • First session will be pre-dinner on Friday,
    • Dinner
    • Sunset Meditation


    • Sunrise meditation – this will be an hour long still mind meditation for anyone who wishes to do it
    • Mix of meditation experiences, get-togethers about what meditation means depending on your starting point
    • Outcomes for health and the state of the brain… not to mention the effect on relationships and personal well-being .
    • Saturday ends with luscious dinner and the sunset meditation
    • Free periods, of course, for quiet self-time.

    Afternoon workshop for Teachers: Two Paradigms of Meditation, Two Paradigms of Health


    Sunrise – the dark gives way to the light

    • Sunrise meditation for those who wish
    • Mindful walk
    • Forum on what meditation means to you, what you feel meditation means in the community
    • Experiential practice: try a different approach from the one you are used to
    • Finish at 3.00 pm

    Morning workshop for teachers: Meditation vs Mindfulness – differences, similarities, outcomes


    Purpose of the program

    This retreat is intended to be time for people from all approaches to enjoy meditation and to learn a bit more about alternatives from what each of us is used to. Diverse experience and engaging in a diverse community can only be to the good! Along with heaps of actual practice and purposeful exchange between and with established teachers and trainers. We encourage attendance from entry level to master level.