• Meditation and Mindfulness

  • Meditation and Mindfulness, amongst other things are skills that you can use in everyday life for pleasure, or stress relief.  They are practices that can lead you down a lifelong road on a spiritual journey.  But how do I meditate?  How do I practice mindfulness?  I think I know but am I doing it right?

    Learn the practices and some of the implications, spiritual and physical of mediation and mindfulness Mataji and our other experienced teachers, or come along to one of our weekly groups.  They're all listed below and start early February.  Hope to see you there!

  • Learn Meditation and Mindfulness
    6 week course, starting Wednesday


    14th February - 21st March inclusive 

    18th April - 23rd May

    25th July - 22nd August

    14th October - 21st November

    Classes are 75 minutes in duration

    Wednesday at 10.00am 
    Wednesday at 6:30 pm 

    LOCATION: 6A Main St Blackburn


    Meditation Circle Sunday Morning

    Start your week with a peaceful group sit at 8.00 am 

    Meditation Evening

    Meditation Teacher Training
    Learn to Teach Meditation and Mindfulness

    Ahieve a comprehensive understanding of meditation, its methodologies and  outcomes

    Starts March 17

    Contact us for more information



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