• Still-mind Meditation One-Day Retreat

  • A day to discover- learn - practise - the original form of meditation: Stillness of Mind!

  • How many kinds of meditation are there? Well, two! One is still-mind meditation,  and two, everything else...

    Does that seem unbelievable? Everything has its place, and all meditation is good, and any meditation is better than no meditation.

    But still-mind meditation eventually brings the capacity to to know how your mind produces your sense of self. All of the others aim at assisting the mind's sense of self to function better, that is, they tend to take a problem-solving approach, never asking what the self that has the problems might be in the first place.

    Mindfulness is a bit ambivalent – sometimes it is more like still-mind meditation, and sometimes, depending on the teacher or the group that teaches it, it might take the approach of helping a person focus in order to achieve goals.  That is, mindfulness is sometimes taught as a problem-fixing method and sometimes it resembles the awareness of the still-mind.

    And then there are meditations focused more directly on anxieties and worries and self-worth, or physical issues like irritable bowel syndrome or healing for one syndrome or another.  

    We have all become quite good at" "understanding ourselves" Perhaps we would be better served by understanding that the mind creates a sense of "me" - "with all its problems, anxieties and goals. 

    And then asking, Well, if I can see the mind creating the sense of "me", then who am I that sees the mind doing it?

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