• Accommodation at the February Retreat

  • Accommodation at the February 2020 Meditation and Mindfulness Retreat

  • The venue, Maitripa Centre at Healesville, is a Buddhist-owned complex which had its origins in an old guest house for early Melbournians holidaying in the hills. The oldest part of the building has a quaint charm about it.

    As the centre is capable of housing large numbers attending Buddhist study schools. As such, it is by no means a boutique venue. Accommodation is clean, comfortable with a level of communal living. Bedrooms are two-bed or four-bed. It is possible, depending on rooms available, that in some instances, one person could occupy one room, despite the extra beds. Bathrooms are shared, with no en-suites.

    Guests are expected to participate in seva, that is, to help where required – a roster will be available. Tasks might be helping clear tables or helping with food preparation, and cleaning your room on completion of the retreat.

    Community  enhances your experience of  retreat, and often deepens your experience of meditation. Welcome!