• Accommodation for the Day Retreat

  • Accommodation at the September Meditation and Mindfulness Retreat

  • The venue at Alighning Health in Axedale near Bendigo is very comfortable.  It is newly built and very fresh.

    Rooms are twin share for individuals or king size for couples. All rooms are ensuite and reverse-cycle airconditioned, as Bendigo can be rather hot or very cold.

    Bendigo is the dry-scrub bushland of Australia and the grounds sometimes host kangaroos or cockatoos.

    Our host is an Ayurveda teacher and provides meals on Ayurvedic principles.  You can ask (ahead of time) for particular changes or enquire whether the Ayurvedic meals are suitable for your dietary needs.


    Massage and other treatments are available (facial? Ayurvedic treatment?) Make sure you don't miss too much of the meditation program, though.

    Treatments are at your own cost - we add no surcharge.