• Typical program at the Retreat

  • The day will go something like this

    The program of the retreat can be responsive to the requests attending,to a point, depending on their backgrounds and requests.  A starting point will be the following:

    • 8.00 am meditation 
    • 9.00 introductions 

    After that, though maybe not in this order

    • what does stillness of mind mean? Exploring concsciousness
    • what is different about still-mind meditation?
    • stillness meditation works back to front from what you are used to
    • try a bit of not-doing (that is, meditate some more!)
    • exercises in stillness
    • who are you when your mind is still?
    • what does it mean “to know” when the mind is still
    • what does it mean “to know”when the mind is active?
    • how does stillness shift self-perception?
    • mindful walking
    • mindful eating, drinking
    • what is mindful about a still-mind
    • experience – much of, and stories about
    • shavasana 

       Purposeful yet unhurried