• Typical program at the Retreat

  • Not quite a timetable, but what's on for the weekend

    The weekend will go very much like this, though changes are possible.

  • Friday

    Meditation at dusk

  • settle in any time after 3.00 pm.  Look forward to meeting others and share each other's attitudes towards meditation/mindfulness, practise meditation, share a light meal.  Meditation at 5.30, Dinner at 6.30

  • Saturday morning

    Meditation at dawn

  •    Meditation at dawn (optional though recommended)  What is the difference between the meditating mind and the thinking mind?  What is the sense of self in meditation vs the sense of self in ordinary thinking life? What is your experience?  Experience described throughout history and recent research. Where does thinking fit with a meditative life? What about mantra?  That's thinking, isn't it? Practical experience beats hearing about it.

  • Saturday afternoon

  • Experiences in meditation/mindfulness: does it have to be stillness? What are other forms or approaches?

    Quiet personal time to spend in Mindfulness - how will you spend a period of quiet personal time without hitting your phone, trying to "get something done" or feeling aimless? Talking together about how to be mindful before we break for the quiet time

  • Saturday evening

    Twilight meditation

  • On Saturday night, we may have  a Yagna - fire ceremony - around the beaut fire-pit constructed for just such an event.

    This may depend on the weather. Sitting in the spa is an alternative... bring suitable clothing (swimsuit?)

  • Sunday Morning

    Dawn Meditation

  • Exploring the paradigms - do we see what we expect to see, know what we expect to know, feel what we expect to feel, or is there something we don't know how to think about?

    Mindful early lunch

  • Sunday afternoon

    finish at 2.30, leave premises by 3.00

  • What are our paradigms of consciousness, meditation, health? 

    Packing up and hugs goodbye!